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fuck yeah! fashion! | temperley london bridal 2015

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Maria borges at Elie Saab Spring 2014 Haute Couture 

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19mm Rough faced Amethyst Labret for Devin.

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put in my new septum clicker today bought for me by my wonderful boyfriend to match my new medusa jewellery, both were for christmas 😍 I now have a very fancy face!

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Day 1 makeup for #IMATSnyc at the @Sugarpill booth!!! @occmakeup pool boy pencil in the brows, #sugarpill bulletproof, 2am, tako, & poison plum for the eyes. imperial lashes for the bottom, #occmakeup love craft lip tar, hoochie pencil, & @armourBeauty nirvana lipgloss! #makeup (at Imats @ Pier94)

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6mm Druzy faced Brazilian Agate Labret for Monami.

It was a challenge carving this little guy. I’m so happy with the out come.

Enjoy ma’m.

It’s so cuuuuuuuuuuute

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this is the most educational video ive ever viewed






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Landscape Jasper by 8Stones Plugs

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Fresh helix flap piercing through a healed ear pointing with an @anatometalinc prong set light blue opal. Piercing by me, ear pointing by @inkdemention. Also check out those amazing rainbow gem eyelets from @anatometalinc #piercing #bodypiercing #philly #philadelphia #southstreet #AssociationofProfessionalPiercers #appmember #safepiercing #NoKaOiBodyPiercing #instagood #instacool #jewelry #bodyjewelry #picoftheday #mybodymod #bodymodlife #legitpiercingslook #legitbodyjewelry #thecrypt #helix (at The Crypt Tattoo Company)

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Yellow Gold with Mabé Pearls by BLVA

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Spring/Summer 2013 Nicolas Jebran

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Chilean amber plugs with 25% more ancient insects.


BRB, crying over how amazing these are <3

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i may be a bad person but at least i dont wear tapers as jewelry

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This is Mallory. She is a college educator who has dedicated her live to her students and helping them to follow their dreams. She goes over any above what is required of her and is an incredible mentor. Truly, she is an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of meeting her. Not only is she a fabulous teacher, but she’s an exceptionally gifted artist as well. There’s no challenge too big for her!

Unfortunately, a deformity called Pectus Excavatum is causing her seek help from others, physically and financially. She will have to have her ribcage reconstructed as it is in a state of collapse. I don’t know how to explain her condition very well, so I will copy her own description. The following is part of her journey, in her words:

            “In March 2013, after over 7 hospitalizations due to respiratory complications, the temporary installation of a port to receive high doses of steroids to sustain my airways, I underwent an invasive surgery to correct the deformity that threatened my life. The first surgery involved the removal and reattachment of my sternal plate, trimming of several ribs and installation of two metal struts to support the reconfiguration. After a 9-hour surgery and 9-day hospitalization, I made marginal progress towards being able to breathe better. Through the support of my loved ones, I still managed to finish my 400+ page thesis paper, procured at teaching position and moved forward. My first series of hospitalizations topped well over a quarter of a million dollars.

After a visit to Dr. Jarowzeski, the leading specialist in Pectus Deformities at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix last month, I was informed that my first surgery had failed. Thereby, I will be undergoing a complete reconstruction and new repair. In short, my rib cage has started to collapse again, an intrinsic risk to any corrective procedure of this nature. Presently, my sternum is “floating” as a few ribs migrate beneath it; the sutures holding them in place did not reinforce healing into place. In order to ensure the stability of my ribcage, it will be necessary to install two new titanium bars, two titanium stabilizers, secured with over 24 screws, up to two sternal stabilizing plates that will also be affixed with 4 screws each, as well as bone grafts, possible hernia repair and a newly straightened zipper (along with a few other handsome scars for the 6 necessary drainage ports). All but the bars will make for a rather remarkable and glittery lifetime x-ray. The bars will stay in for a few years, while the rest remains permanently. For those that joke that I am bionic— I am about to be a super robot! If you are curious about more specifics… Google these terms… I had a modified Ravitch Procedure… am about to have another Modified Ravitch and Nuss Procedure with diaphragm hernia repair.”

Mallory continues to have a positive outlook on life, even though she’s in constant pain and she has yet another life-altering surgery ahead. It is imperative that she have this surgery as it is literally life-saving. While her insurance will cover some of the expenses, a great financial burden still remains.

If you can donate anything, whether it be $1, or $100, it would be most appreciated. We’re trying to help someone who puts everyone else before her own needs and who never asks for anything in return. If you can’t donate, please hit the reblog button so we can signal boost this all around tumblr. Mallory has touched so many lives and this is a small way we can show our gratitude.

To read more about her story and to donate, click here! 

Seriously, signal boost. Mallory is a fantastic mentor, designer, and person. Despite all the shit she has to go through, she never fails in being cheerful, supportive, and kickass. We’re all very lucky to know her and we all wish to support her, just as she’s supported us. Like the OP said, any donation ranging from $1 to $100 would be appreciated. OP did a much better job at articulating how awesome Mallory is so I’m just gonna shut up now before I dissolve into a runon sentence of Mallory’s praise but seriously. Please help in supporting this amazingly talented, gifted, caring mentor. 

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